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box loft



beds might be joined with buckles.


upholstery fabric - from our catalogue or other agreed.

standard bed sizes - 80x200, 90x200, 90x210, 100x200, 100x210, 120x200, 140x200, 160x200cm


top mattress height – 5 cm


bed base height – 28 cm


skids height – 15 cm


total height of the bed – 48 cm


topping mattress of a higher standard - soft, comfortable T25 polyurethane foam (density 25kg/m3) of 4cm thickness.


the cover is removable for washing  at 60 celsius degrees.


bed on a wooden frame based on a pocket mattress with 7 hardness zones.7-zone pocket spring, 248 springs/m2, wire diameter 1.9/1.8mm, T25 polyurethane foam (density 25kg/m3), 2cm from above and 1cm on the below.


powder-coated steel skids.

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