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beds can be joined with buckles.


fabric for upholstery - fabric to be agreed from the company catalogue or received.



beechwood legs height 7 cm 2 pcs.


legs with wheels height 7 cm 2 pcs.

optionally:​ top visco mattress with extraordinary comfort obtained by using visco thermoelastic foam, which reacts to the body's temperature, each time adjusting to its position during sleep. visco profiled thermoelastic foam (density 50kg/m3) with a height of 5 cm.

bed base: pocket springs with 7 hardness zones on a solid wood frame; (248 springs/m2, wire diameter 1.9/1.8 mm); T28 polyurethane foam (density 28kg/m3) with 2 cm from the top and 1 cm from the bottom. Cover in mattress fabric or upholstery fabric.



the very comfortable mattress on the multipocket pocket springs with 7 hardness zones, high point flexibility and different hardness zones and a large number of springs per m2 guarantee excellent support for the spine. 508 springs/m2, wire diameter 1.4/1.5 m, polyurethane foam t25(density 25kg/m3) 2.5 cm high.

nóżki metalowe - opcjonalnie


dostępne w kolorach: srebro, czerń, miedź


wysokość nóżek: 16 cm



stożek ze stópką 

trójkąt prosty


trójkąt skos

nóżki drewniane - opcjonalnie


dostępne w kolorach: dąb, wenge, buk


wysokość nóżek: 16 cm

stożek owal

stożek kwadrat

stożek skos

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